Emma S. Barrientos Mexican American Cultural Center

In the late 1980s, the Austin City Council adopted a resolution designating the 600 River Street site for the construction of a Mexican American cultural center or, “The MACC,” placing it on... Click to read more.

Perez and Ramos Family Music Legends Site

This sculpture honors the deep musical traditions and cultural contributions of the Perez and Ramos families, represented by the brothers Ruben and Ernest Perez, and Alfonso and Ruben Ramos. Designed by Carmen... Click to read more.

"The Dedication Stone" by David Santos

Created by local artist David Santos, this sculpture, Dedication Stone = Piedra de Dedicación, was erected on May 1996 to symbolize a 20 year dream by the local Mexican American community for a cultural center... Click to read more.

RBJ Clinic and Senior Residential Center

Part of President Lyndon Johnson’s vision of A Great Society was to build a model senior citizens’ program offering affordable and independent living units with supportive medical services available at an on-site... Click to read more.

Festival Beach Community Garden

The Festival Beach Community Garden is 2-acres of property at the corner of Waller and Clermont Streets in East Austin, divided into affordable garden plots and community spaces. Since... Click to read more.

National Fish Hatchery

The big stone circle you see was once a fishpond. In 1940, the City procured and donated 30 acres of land to the US Fish Commission to raise fish for stocking ponds and lakes. Pumps installed in the Colorado River fed irrigation ditches that filled... Click to read more.

Floyd McGown House

The McGown House is a two-story, wood-frame, Victorian structure with an asymmetrical plan. A central tower dominates the front facade. A brick skirting surrounds the perimeter of the building. A front porch which is located across a portion... Click to read more.

Martin Middle School

Located along the north shore of Ladybird Lake and edging what was once Festival Beach sits Martin Junior High School. In the 1940s the War Training Production Program used this site. Named for Sam L. Martin, an educator who served... Click to read more.

Sanchez Elementary

When East Avenue was converted from a park-like boulevard into Interstate Highway I-35, parents began organizing to get a new school built east of the Interstate Highway. Neighborhood children were assigned to Palm... Click to read more.

Willow-Spence National Historic Register District

Shaded by pecan and oak trees as old as the neighborhood itself, the single family residences and compatible commercial and public buildings in this East Austin district were first occupied by European working... Click to read more.

Terrazas Library

The Henry S. Terrazas Branch Library is named for young Austinite Henry Terrazas, who was killed on November 5, 1966 fighting a forest fire while serving in the Marine Corps. He was a 1965 graduate of Sidney Johnston High School where he was... Click to read more.

El Buen Pastor Presbyterian Church

In 1908, Rev. Elias Treviño, a Presbyterian Evangelist, came to Austin. The Texas-Mexican Presbytery allowed him to organize the Iglesia Presbiteriana Mexicana at E. 6th and Navasota Streets... Click to read more.

Wolf House

German immigrant Charles Wolf (c.1843-1913) purchased this corner lot in 1883.  Wolf was an enterprising man, and his many jobs included merchant and real estate broker.  He built this house for both his retirement and his... Click to read more.

Quintanilla House

The house was built around 1877 for Bryant O. Stavely and Cecilia Stavely, with additions and renovations around 1897. It is an example of regional cut limestone and cedar construction blended with Victorian architecture. The design recalls... Click to read more.

Evans-Morris-Hiesler House

The Evan-Morris-Hiesler House was constructed in 1899, and the original owners were George O. and Augusta Evans. Considered an excellent example of Queen Anne architecture, it is located in close proximity to other... Click to read more.

Primer Iglesia Baptist Church

Primera Iglesia Bautista was organized on March 24, 1899 by Rev. Santiago Muza along with 35 members. The church first appears in the Austin city directory in 1903, with an address at the corner of West 2nd Street and... Click to read more.

Iglesia Metodista Emanuel

As the first Protestant Church specifically catering to Mexicans in Austin, Iglesia Metodista Unida Emmanuel was founded on February 8, 1891 in a home on Rio Grande Street. The church was located on the corner of... Click to read more.

Texaco Oil Depot

The first train came to Austin in December of 1871, and it opened the doors to endless opportunities for transportation of goods and new connections. The Texaco Depot warehouses in Austin were built at 1300 & 1302 East 4th Street... Click to read more.

Historic Scoot Inn

Built in 1871, the Scoot Inn began as a railroad saloon and is claimed to be one of the oldest continuously running bars in Texas. East Austin at the time was a mix of warehouses, railroad workers, and rich bankers with a mix of African... Click to read more.

Plaza Saltillo

Plaza Saltillo is located at the intersection of East 5th and Comal Streets and is one stop along the MetroRail line that ties Leander to downtown Austin. This Plaza was built in 1997 as a collaborative project with Capital Metro, the City... Click to read more.

Parque Comal

In 1925, Comal School, also known as the Alamo Mexican School Building, was organized.  At this time, it served as one of two segregated public schools for primary Mexican scholastics. It taught classes for non-English speaking first and... Click to read more.

Mooreland House

Charles B. Moreland (1857-1924) moved to the Austin area from Arkansas.  He founded a popular business, C.B. Moreland Paint and Wall Paper Company, located on Congress Avenue.  In 1897-1898, Moreland built this home for... Click to read more.

Robert Weaver Homes

When the Colorado River was dammed at Pleasant Valley Road to provide a cooling pond for the new Holly Power Plant in 1960, the land upstream of Longhorn Dam became practical for development. Before the dam was built... Click to read more.

Nash Hernandez "Tenderly" Statue

Tenderly, a cut metal silhouette located along Nash Hernandez Sr. Road near Chicon Street in Festival Beach Park, honors Nash Hernandez, the legendary orchestra leader and trumpeter. Nash began his... Click to read more.