Telling the Story of East Austin

The Tejano Trails are within the East Cesar Chavez and Holly Neighborhoods, just 10 blocks from the Capitol of Texas.  Long neglected,  The 1928 City of Austin Master Plan officially segregated neighborhoods east of what is now I-35, for “Negros and Mexicans.” A Texas State Representative from the Hill Country, who was a school teacher, experimented with social programs to lift the plight of the working class families he saw when he was in Austin.  His work in our neighborhoods led this young man to successful elections to the US House and US Senate where he shared his ideals for “A Great Society.” He became our President, Lydon Baines Johnson, and his very first affordable housing, health clinics, and recreation centers still stand today!   Come learn about our neighborhood. Come walking, biking, or rolling. Come and join our efforts to save our neighborhoods! ¡Que vivan los barrios!

The Tejano Trails' Phases

The Trails are divided into three phases in order to keep tours around 30 minutes to one hour. Phase 1 will be completed by the end of 2016, phase 2 will be completed the following year in 2017 and finally, we plan to complete the third phase in 2018. Below is a map of the three phases.


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