Floyd McGown House

1202 Garden St.

The McGown House is a two-story, wood-frame, Victorian structure with an asymmetrical plan. A central tower dominates the front facade. A brick skirting surrounds the perimeter of the building. A front porch which is located across a portion of the first floor has deteriorated since 1980, but carpentry details such as turned columns, spindles, cut trim, and nicely detailed balusters are largely intact.

While the house is unusually large for the Canterbury Square area, it does share certain architectural features with smaller, less ostentatious residences located nearby: clipped corners are decorated with brackets and pendants, and brackets occur at the cornice on the first and second floors. Exterior walls of the building are drop siding and windows are two-over-two double hung. A central chimney which is located behind the tower rises far above it and reinforces the strong verticality of the house.