Now Accepting Volunteers!

Did you know that the Tejano Trails was created by a group of volunteer East Side citizens? It's been a long journey for the trails and thanks to the dedicated service of our volunteers we are now recognized by the National Parks Service as a National Recreation Trail, we also have a full-time employee at City of Austin's Parks and Recreation Department that is committed to the development of the Tejano Trails.

Although we've made great strides and have overcome many obstacles, we still need help from eager citizens like you in order for our Tejano Trails project to reach its full potential. We are accepting volunteers for all kinds of help including graphic design, photography, social media, community outreach, education, tour guides and for our upcoming events. If you are interested in volunteering for the Tejano Trails please fill out our volunteer form. We are also open to accepting groups of volunteers, so if your student group, church group or neighborhood association is interested in giving back to the community, feel free to reach out to us.